Best 7 inch round LED headlights for classic cars

Best 7 inch round LED headlights for classic cars

July 12, 2022 Off By Joe K

You’ve probably looked into a sealed beam 7 inch Round LED headlight housing if you own a Jeep Wrangler, a classic car or truck, a semi-truck tractor-trailer, or any industrial vehicle that uses a 7′′ round headlight. This is the most recent market technology that is brighter, more efficient, and more reliable than a traditional sealed beam headlight!

If you have an H6024 sealed beam headlight in your vehicle or a Jeep with 7′′ diameter round headlight housings, you NEED to look into these LED options! There are many to choose from, so watch this video to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each style. Whether you’re looking at a high-end option like the Vision X XIL-7RD, the JW Speaker 8700, or a low-cost alternative like the United Pacific LED headlights.

Classic 7 Delta Lights “LED Halo Headlight Kit

7 inch LED round headlights with 7. 5w led angel eyes that glow day and night the moment your ignition is turned on. These are referred to as delta halo headlights. Delta “s iconic 7-inch headlight series, dot, and classic are now available in Halo configuration. This 7. 5-watt cob-led halo adds safety as a DRL light and a stylish trend-setting look to your classic, hot rod, or modern vehicle. Installation is as simple as changing a bulb, with the additional step of connecting your halo power lead to your ignition fuse under the hood. Made in the United States of America

H6024 High/Low Beam Headlamp – 7-inch round led headlights

About the item


UNISHINE 7 inch LED headlights to have a reflector design that produces a brighter and less glaring light beam, as well as a more professional high and low beam that is conducive to driving. It had DOT certification and was road legal. Compared to original HID chips, the newest generation of LED chips Lighting dramatically improves the appearance and light performance of your 4×4 vehicle while also saving energy.


This 7in a led round headlight for wrangler is very easy to use with 2pcs H4 plug and H13 plug adapter cable. Built-in anti-flicker harness; will not harm the original car electrical system; no need for an additional decoder! Connect the headlight to the factory wiring. The installation usually took less than 30 minutes with essential hand tools and simple plug-and-play.


The 7-inch led headlights are made with original Cree chips and are 300 percent brighter than other “7” milar headlights Power: 60W for high beam, 30W for low beam. High Beam and Low Beam meet your needs in various weather conditions.


Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006, CJ-7 1976-1986, and JL 2018-2020. 2007-2015 JK 4 Door; 2007-2015 JK 2 Door; 1981-1985 CJ-8 Scrambler; 2003-2006 TJ Unlimited/LJ; compatible with Defender 90 and 110; AM General Humer 1992-2001; Humer H1&H2 2003-2009 (H2 needs 9007 male to H4 female adapter, package not included) 1976-1986 1981-1985 CJ-7 CJ-8 Scrambler 1997-2006 TJ 2004-2006 LJ

2-Year Warranty

If you encounter

(1) Cause fault code, flicker, or moisture inside

(2)If it is unsuitable for your vehicle, please return it to us.

(3) One or both headlights do not function: Purchase a new replacement; We care about your shopping experience. If you have any issues, locate your order details and contact UNISHINE customer service. Within 24 hours, we will respond. I wish you a safe journey, man!

WHDZ Round LED Headlight 7 Inch

About the Item

2pcs led headlights

Produces a brighter, crisper, and whiter light output closer to the color temperature of daylight, significantly improving light projection distance and overall visibility.

High/Low Beam

12.8 volts, 1.80 amps (low beam), 3.60 amps (high beam); 25.6 volts, 1.00 amps (low beam), 1.80 amps (high beam) (high beam)

Good Function

Metalized reflector optics provide a lighting experience that is smooth and clean across the driving surface, while polycarbonate lenses offer maximum protection against impact, roadside debris, and other hazards.

High Performance

100% High-Performance LED Lamps, Black Durable Aluminum Housing, Shock-proof Waterproof (IP67), 5600K, Over 50,000 Hour Lifespan, Fully Plug and Play

Simple to use

Requires no modifications. It only takes a few minutes to install. It only takes a few minutes to install. If you have any problems while using the product, please contact customer service, and we will respond as soon as possible.


7 inch RGBW Halo LED Headlight Bulb SUNPIE – 7 inch round led headlights

About this Item

Wrangler high power colorful rgbw halo headlights

When compared to OEM halogen 7 inch headlights, these are made with high-power Cree LEDs and have a much higher brightness output and more focused light beam. 4500LM for high beam and 3200 for low beam. The new rgbw function adds colorful halo effects to your Jeep Wrangler. NEW EDITION SUNPIE RGBW Headlights have a separate led for true white and can produce a pure white halo of 6000k. Add this asin: B073S3M8G9 if you need 4-inch RGBW fog lights to set as a combo.

Why not use bright rgbw led headlights to replace your halogen headlights?

Wrangler fits perfectly (2007-2018)

JK/JKU Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2016), Jeep Wrangler LJ (2004-2006), Jeep Wrangler CJ-7 (1976-1986), Jeep Wrangler CJ-8 (1976-1986), Jeep Wrangler CJ-9 (1976-1986), Jeep Wrangler CJ-10 (1976-1986), Jeep (1981-1985)

Change colors with the app or 24 keys remote control

You can choose any color you want at any time. White, blue, red, yellow, purple, green, and custom colors are available. Music Mode, over 20 Strobe Modes, and Voice Mode are all available.

DOT approved IP67 waterproof

Legal on the road.

Built-in led canbus

Tested for waterproof function when it was created. There is no need to be concerned about moisture getting inside the headlights while driving off-road or on rainy days. DOT-approved letters are etched on the light’s lens. Built-in led-Canbus aids in flash reduction. There is no longer any need to purchase an additional decoder.

H4-H13 adapter wire is included.

REPLACEMENT SERVICE FOR ONE YEAR If you have questions about these RGBW headlights, the company is ready to help.

Blue Round H6024 LED Headlight Running halo headlight Seal Beam Amber Turn Signal 7 “headlights that are round

Why should you go with the blue halo 7 inch led headlight?

Blue angel eyes are not only more incredible than ordinary white angel eyes, but they are also easier to notice, making the scenery more visible. With the next generation of led lighting, this 6024 led headlight improves the look and performance of your vehicle. Included in the package are two 7-inch LED headlights and two H4-H13 adapters. The factory original packaging is simple and classic, but there is pearl cotton packaging inside, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional quality

We also want you to know that our blue halo 7 inch headlight uses a high-quality chip and is 100 percent brighter than a standard headlight, making it an excellent replacement for original halogen and HID headlights. With DOT approval, you can drive freely. IP67, foggy and rainy days can also be safe driving conditions. Many drivers have chosen the 7-inch LED headlight to modernize their lighting. This is a risk-free and environmentally friendly option.

Simple installation

Red wiring connects to the white DRL, and green wiring connects to the amber turn signal. Unplug the factory harness and connect all-new ACC wires. The H4-h13 adapter fits most vehicles; however, a small part may require additional adapter cables. Finish the installation in normal mode in 15 minutes. It is common for the first installation to take some time to learn. However, modification improves your driving. We recommend that you look for some installation videos to watch.

Widespread Applications

7″ round headlights compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006; Wrangler CJ-7 1976-1986; Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door 2007-2015; Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited/LJ 2003-2006; Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Unlimited 2007-2015; Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2020; Compatible with CJ-8 Scrambler 1981-1985; Compatible with Hummer 1992-2001; Compatible with Hummer H1&H (H2 needs 9007 male to H4 female adapter, package not included)

BEST REPLACEMENT PROMISE – 7 inch round led headlights

If you get foggy or your light beam goes out, you should get a new one. Return headlight; does not fit your vehicle; Replace faulty lights; Missing accessories=Resend them; Fault code, trouble code, flicker, or hyper flash=Get anti-flicker; Any issues with our lights,