Best Classic Car Accessories in 2021

Best Classic Car Accessories in 2021

April 21, 2021 Off By Joe K

Being a classic car enthusiast involve experiencing smooth driving experience and fixing problems at the same time. Unless you are very lucky, you will spend most of your time caring for your classic through fixing both big and small problems. Even if you do not, you will still need to carry out basic cleaning and maintenance occasionally. This brings us to the main question, what do I buy? This article compiles of the best products to purchase in 2021 to make your experience smooth. It compiles the best classic car accessories in 2021. So, let’s get into it!

Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner- classic car accessories

This was first in our list since we understand the emotional attachment that comes with cleaning your classic. There is no better way of showing love to your classic car than spending time with your car. Cleaning includes seats, dashboard, floor, roof and small surfaces such as seat belts. Having an effective formula for cleaning guarantees great results while reducing damage to your vehicle.

The Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner formula is one of the best stains and odor remover.  The formula is designed to produce instant results for all kinds of stains. The white form produced turns milky brown. You will be surprised by how much dirt will be removed.

Simoniz comes in 400ml aerosol and a brush attached to allow easy formulation on deep carpet pile or seat fabric. Application is done through a simple spray foam on the affected area and wait for about 30 seconds before rubbing it in a circular motion. Allow it to do its magic then wipe with damp sponge or cloth, allow it to dry and vacuum away.

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Halfords Microfibre Wash Glove

Halfords Microfibre Wash Glove- classic car accesories

This article is out to prove that no all-great ideas cost the earth. A product such as the Halfords’ Microfibre wash glove is one of these products that costs you only £4 but works perfect. This is another accessory every classic owner should have in 2021.

The Halfords Microfibre Wash Glove’s one side is a plush microfibre towel that helps remove grit and debris from paint surfaces. The other side is made of a mesh that is used for cleaning stubborn marks from glass. The glove is ideal for cleaning hand to reach areas of your classic car. It is most appropriate for parts such as alloy and wire wheels. However, the glove can be used to clean the entire car. It can be used to clean classic cars after finishing any upholstery. The glove makes it comfortable to wash due to its easy handling since you can wear it like a glove. Its drawback is that it does not hold so much water making it cumbersome.

Clarke 12V Impact Wrench

classic car accessories- Clarke 12V Impact Wrench

Clarke has come up with the perfect solution for classic car owners. The Clarke’s new 12V impact Wrench is the perfect accessory for quickly removing and screwing back wheel nuts. For vintage car owners, this will be a perfect tool for removing corroded nuts easily. It makes work even easier since it can be used where there is no access to mains power or a compressor.

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The impact wrench plug is powered by a 12V battery in your car using the connectors provided. It produces an impressive 350 Nm peak torque which is more than enough to shift even the most stubborn nuts of your classic car.   The Clarke impact wrench has a reverse gear. It also comes with a double-ended socket that caters for 17, 19, 21 and 23 mm. This not a light tool, but can be stored in your boot when traveling on long journeys. This is a tool that makes changing your wheel easily, faster so that you can continue with your journey.

Autoglass Rain Repel

Autoglass Rain Repel classic car accesories-best vintage accessories in 2021

Rain Repel is an accessory for classic car lovers. It is a hydrophobic coating for your windscreen designed for protecting windscreens in cold and wet weather. Autoglass Rain Repel protects your windscreen by forming a chemical bond with the glass that causes the rain to bead and run rapidly off the windscreen. It the best car accessory that does both protecting the windscreen and security. Rain Repel causes rain to bend and run off the windscreen when traveling at a high speed of more than 60 mph. The chemical composition prevents frost and ice from bonding with your car windscreen.

This is one of the most effective autoglass that rivals with Rain-X. Even though it is slightly expensive than many others, it is supposedly lasts more than three months. The container makes it easy to apply on your wind screen. It comes with a good windscreen cleaning spray.

Autoglass Rain Repel works better when it is cleaned and cleared, then the fabric-wrapped applicator is wiped across the screen and buffed away. According to the company, it takes about 12 minutes to carry out the whole process. Most users also confirm the timeline.

Pros & Cons

  • Help increase visibility by 35% when driving in the rain
  • Removes frost and ice easily
  • Reduce glare at night during the rain
  • Lasts up to 4 months on a single application
  • Expensive
  • Takes around 12 minutes to apply

Clarke 6-tonne Axle Stands for your Classic Car

Clarke 6-tonne Axle Stands for classic car- vintage car accessories

Safety is the most important thing when using a car while driving or repairing. Therefore, investing in the right accessories is a must. Clarke 6-tonne Axle stand is one of these axle stand that combines safety and effectiveness when carrying out work underneath. The axle stand is made to withstand weight from your classic car.

The manufacture understands that there is risk of jack failing regardless of its cost or how heavy duty it is. The Clarke 6-tonne axle stand is fine to keep your classic raised and support as soon as possible. The axle stand is also known as the jack stand. It is a tool that come in handy when handling your many underneath procedures.

We cannot stress enough how important Clarke 6-tonne Axle stand is. It is a must if you wish to carry out activities such as oil change, general maintenance for checking underneath your car or disk page change. The 6-tone axle stand is able to carry almost all types of vintage cars.

Why Classic Car Enthusiasts Should Buy Clarke 6-tonne Axle Stand

The axle stand offers more stability and rubber feet keep the unit from slipping on the surface. The solid base offers a good support for more than 5 tones above. Once adjusted well, the car jack is able to lift up your car.

The design of this stand is simple, yet strong and dependable. It has very few moving parts that reduces likelihood of failing. This accessory makes it an important part of any DIY car repair enthusiast’s tool kit, but they are mostly overlooked. The stand is made up of welded steel, cast iron or aluminum. This makes the stand light in weight while being able to carry heavy weights.

Safe working load (SWL)- The SWL indicates how much weight is safe for the stand. It indicates how much weight the stand can hold. The 6-tonne Clarke Axle stand can carry most car types such SUV, salon cars.

How to use Clarke 6-tone Axle Stand Safely

Safety while using the axle stand is very crucial. Here are some guidelines of how you can effectively use the stand.

  • Turn off the engine and apply the handbrake. If it is an automatic car, put it into auto. It is also recommended to put some wheel chocks in place on the opposite side of the part that is being lifted by a jack in case the vehicle rolls when the jack is put. A piece of wood will suffice if the chocks are not available.
  • Raise the car off the ground using a trolley jack or other suitable jacking device. You need to first locate the front and rear points by locking the wheel area. The jacking points near to the wheel or around the axle. A classic car professional will help you in case you have troubles locating the jack points.
  • Use the jack to lower the vehicle slowly on to the axle stand. After you ensure that it is fitting perfectly to the axle, remove the jack and move to the next jacking point on your car. Repeat this process until the car is lifted properly.
  • Rock the car slightly using your hand when you feel that the stand is properly in place to ensure that it is stable and safe. It is important to detect the possible risk at this stage before letting someone get under the car.
  • Remove the axle stands and lower the vehicle when you are done with maintenance and repair work bellow your classic car. To do so, position the jack below the required jacking point, raise the car to a height above the axle stand, then transfer the weight of the car back onto the jack.
  • Lastly, remove the axle stand from underneath the vehicle and lower the vehicle. Remove the jack. Repeat the procedure, if necessary, to return the wheels to the ground. Remember to remove wheel chocks if you used them.

Pros & Cons

  • The Axle Stand is easily adjustable. User is only required to pull out the stand supporting the mechanism will lock into place automatically.
  • Fine adjustment in the axle helps in moving it to a different position without interfering with the vehicle balance.
  • Height is relatively small therefore making the axle stand at different parts of the car while maintaining an even keel.
  • It can be difficult to jack up a vehicle high enough without affecting the car balance.
  • It requires to jack up the car for several inches to be able to release the ratchet.