Best dashboard cleaner products

Best dashboard cleaner products

September 27, 2021 Off By Joe K

When cleaning their car, many drivers tend to overlook the interior parts. The dashboard is one of the most forgotten surfaces, and it essentially requires thorough cleaning as it creates the first impression when the passenger climbs in. Cleaning the dashboard is crucial as it may contain hair, dirt, and some contaminants. Moreover, being aware of the best dashboard cleaner products is vital in keeping the area sparkling and protecting it from sunlight.

How to clean the dashboard?

Cleaning the dashboard is a simple task that the driver can carry out without visiting a car wash, especially those on a budget. On realizing that your dashboard is dirty, cleaning it requires only a few steps to regain its excellent look. These steps include;

Vacuum the surface

First of all, you need to get rid of the debris and the large pieces of dirt from the upper surface of the dashboard. This step is crucial as it helps eliminate massive substances that could scratch the dashboard during cleaning. Using a hand vacuum cleaner, clean slowly throughout the corners of the dashboard to grab all the large particles and dust. Carry out the procedure in a circular motion to ensure you capture all the corners.

Wipe off everything

Once you are done getting rid of the debris, use microfiber clothing or a piece of rag to wipe the dashboard surface using a cleaning solution of your choice. Depending on the material type of your dashboard, the wiping off products vary, so it is essential to do a spot test before cleaning to prevent damage.

The use of microfiber clothing is more advantageous than rags as they do not scratch off the upholster and have chemicals used to get rid of bacteria.  Around the knobs and buttons, brush the dirt off using a toothbrush as dust and oil could also lodge in there.

Cleaning plastic and rubber dashboards

In a cleaning dashboard made of rubber, plastic, and vinyl, you must apply mild soap to the microfiber clothing and wipe the surface simultaneously. In case of presence of the hard to remove stains, you can prepare a homemade remedy by mixing;

  • Two cups of water plus
  • Three teaspoons of vinegar
  • A half teaspoon of oil-based soap
  • Teaspoon of detergent
  • Spray the mixture directly to the spots
  • Please wait a few minutes, wipe it off with a wet cloth

Leather dashboard cleaner

The leather dashboards’ cleaning differs from the lest as it is more sensitive to chemicals and soaps. In addition, the use of wrong chemicals may dry out the leather surface, causing it to crack and change its appearance. On the other hand, if it is essential to clean your leather dashboard, damp microfiber clothing only to get the work done.

Is oil beneficial in dashboard cleaning?

Are you on budget and cannot afford to buy the cleaning product? There is no need to worry as you can use your kitchen oil despite being coconut, vegetable, and olive. The use of oil is very beneficial because it gets rid of the stench caused by some chemical cleaners. Moreover, oil usage is exceptionally eco-friendly as you only use one easily disposable plastic.

When it comes to thorough cleaning, you need an oil-based oil cleaning product such as Castile oil in conjunction with a soaked cloth; moreover, use a paintbrush to clean the surfaces that are hard-to-reach areas. Nevertheless, it is vital to clean other parts such as the steering wheel, radio system, gear shift, and center console while also paying attention to the materials they are made of.

Dashboard cleaning products

Drivers know the shame of having a dirty dashboard as it sits in front of them, and even a tiny piece of dirt rarely goes unnoticed. A dirty surface is disgusting and gives rise to bacteria and germs, increasing the importance of keeping your dashboard clean. The following are the list of the most used cleaning products;

Meguiar’s ultimate interior detailer

The meguiar’s ultimate is a product that has an excellent deep cleaning capability and thus maintains your car’s charismatic look. In addition, the product is equipped with sun-blocking chemicals, increasing its effectiveness in protecting the dashboard from ultraviolet rays and preserving the dashboard color.

Meguiar’s interior detailer has been used for many years and has gained popularity. It can serve many purposes, such as cleaning other car surfaces, steering wheel, screens, and door panels. The use of meguiar’s is as straightforward as you only need to shake well before use for a minute or two; afterward, spray directly on the surface to be cleaned.

303 aerospace protectant spray

The aviation industry initially used the aerospace spray to protect the rubber and plastic surface from the sun rays and the ozone layer. Hence, it is the product of choice for preserving the dashboard; extending its lifespan. Using a cloth to wipe the product off is recommended as it can’t dry on itself.

Moreover, if you are looking for a product to bring back your dashboard color, 303 aerospace should be your first choice. The cleaning properties of 303 are very productive as it does not leave any residue behind, providing a matte finishing. This product can apply to vinyl and plastic surfaces. However, you can also use it on leather as it is water-based and free from toxic ingredients.

Armor all multi-purpose cleaner

Just as the name suggests, Armor cleaner is a product whose purpose is diverse. It is used to clean the dashboard and other plastic, fabric, and vinyl-based surfaces. The popularity of armor cleaner is increasing with each passing day because of its efficiency in getting rid of dust and grease without having to tire a lot.

Additionally, the sweet scent of armor cleaner is very captivating and thus creating a good experience during cleaning. Finally, the product requires diluting water before application to bring a bright and shiny look to the dashboard.

Sonax dashboard cleaner

Sonax cleaner is the product of choice of any car owner searching for a product whose use is specified for cleaning the dashboard. In addition, this product is solvent-free, making it advantageous as you can use it in almost all dashboards made of plastic.

Furthermore, after using Sonax, you can be assured that no residue will be left behind, and the surface will be sparkling clean. The Sonax dashboard cleaner keeps the cover clean for a very long time because it prevents electrostatic charges that attract dirt.

Nextzett cockpit premium

Nextzett premium is a solid and robust product used to remove even the most stubborn stains. These products range from cleaning the dashboard to the steering wheel and other leather surfaces. Nextzett also has antistatic properties that prolong the time of the dirt to attach to the dashboard surface.

The chemical make-up of this product is nontoxic and biodegradable therefore is safe for both the people and the vehicle. In addition, the Nextzett solution is very welcoming and mouth whelming because of its citrus smell. Aside from its cleaning properties, the solution also provides a layer of protection against sunshine.

Car guys are super cleaner.

Car guys cleaner is among the best products that have gained many positive reviews due to its unique properties that differ from others. Its use is straightforward as after shaking the bottle, sprinkle a little bit of the product on a cleaning cloth and wipe simultaneously. There is no need to rinse the product because it dries immediately.

The use of car guys is efficient as it does not leave behind any greasy residue; however, it is vital to wear gloves during cleaning to protect your hands from injury. Other than the product used in cleaning the dashboard, you can also use the car guys super cleaner in the cleaning of the upholstery, rubber, and leather. Furthermore, this product is water-based and hence very safe for use. The main features of car guys include;

  • It is a multi-purpose product.
  • It has a mild scent that evaporates immediately after application
  • Easy to apply and thus no need to seek professional advice
  • Nontoxic and hence it is very safe to use in the interior of the vehicle

Factors to consider before purchasing dashboard cleaner product

Cleaning the car’s interior acts as hygienic etiquette increases the automobile’s resale value in the future and protects the paint from falling off. Taking care of your image as an individual and thus is it is mandatory to purchase high-quality products for a better outcome. Below are some of the factors to look into before heading out to the automobile stores;


As the dashboard is situated inside the car and is usually the forefront site people first see, buying a product whose safety is 100 % assured is essential. A harmful effect does cause damage to the vehicle and the people inside the car. Therefore, researching before visiting the store is critical as it prevents one from buying cleaners that have perchloroethylene, a product that has been known to cause dizziness.

Ammonia-based cleaners are also discouraged as they are a common cause of bronchitis. Dashboard cleaners may also come with a pungent smell which may cause people uncomfortable; hence it is better to be cautious.

Cleaning ability

If the essence of cleaning your dashboard is to maintain its enthusiastic look, you ought to purchase a strong cleaning product that will eliminate any stain. Although it is cheap primarily there, purchasing weak products, cleaning may be tiresome as you may not get rid of all the dirt with one wash.

Dashboard surface

As mentioned earlier, the dashboard surface varies in different cars, and thus, the cleaning products vary. However, most of the products nowadays are all-purpose, and therefore their use has become pretty easy as they can be used on any surface, be it leather, vinyl, or rubber.

Nevertheless, caution will not cost you as in the manual; the manufacturers have indicated the type of surface the product is preserved to be used to clean. In addition, some drivers may opt to seek professional advice, which saves them from a state of dilemma.

Protective quality

The dashboard is among the cars that point out directly to the sunshine rays and hence usually at an increased risk of damage over time. Purchasing products that clean and protect the dashboard from the ultraviolet rays protect the surface from fading and cracking. Besides cleaning products, car owners can use quick wax or an interior dressing to prevent sun penetrating.

Key take away

Dashboard cleaning is essential to keep the surface from dirt and keep off germs that may cause vital clinical conditions. And hence buying cleaning products should be prioritized as often many drivers overlook their importance. Like many other products, there are many brands out there, thus making buying quite challenging. However, when you choose the above products, such as car guys, you can be assured of excellent results.