Best LED bulb for older cars

Best LED bulb for older cars

July 6, 2022 Off By Joe K

Trickle-down technology is how everything works these days. It begins with high-end vehicles and gradually spreads to less expensive cars. Do you remember ABS? It started with exotics and has now applied to every car. The same can be said for LED lighting. It was once only found on top-tier rides, but it is now commonplace. And for a good reason: it simply outperforms incandescent bulbs. Today’s aftermarket makes installing modern LED bulb for older cars. In general, cars today travel at faster average speeds than in the past, which means people have less time to react to the vehicle in front of them. This makes installing LED lights in a classic car an excellent decision.

Can LED lights be installed in older vehicles?

Thanks to the aftermarket, there are numerous options for incorporating modern LED bulb for older car.

However, the configuration of your lights will be determined by the application. The basic design will be a circuit board with LED pots, regardless of where you get the LEDs. The more LEDs there are, the more consistent the lighting.

Best LED bulb for classic cars- Tail Lights

Lists like this one focused on a single type of car part you’re unlikely to think about until you need it can be found among all the commerce posts you’ve read on this and other sites about ZOMG PRIME DAY DEALS featuring a wide range of products.

Taillight bulbs aren’t the most exciting topic, but they are instrumental. Having a few on hand is always a good idea, especially if you live in a clapped-out hoopty as most do here.

To ensure an apples-to-apples comparison, we chose a vehicle for which all these bulbs should fit: a 2015 F-150. It’s also worth noting that some cars require a load resistor or other electrical add-on when switching to an LED bulb. As with any product of this type, double-check your selection before clicking the ‘buy’ button.

1.      LED Strobe Brake Light Bulbs by All Lighting

These pure red LED bulbs are sold in pairs and have a correct seat to fit the wiring sockets on our fictitious F-150. A series of LEDs around the bulb’s surface should provide much better illumination than one with peepers only on end.

What’s the catch with these things? They will briefly strobe during their initial illumination, which should, in theory, attract the attention of that texter behind you and make for a safer emergency stop situation than a solid brake light. According to the seller, the flashing has “legal blinking times,” so while it will draw Becky’s attention while she is on the phone, it should not draw negative attention from the gendarmes.

Advantages/Blinky brightness

Cons/Are they legal in your country?

Bottom Line/Confirm before Installing

2.      Bosch Miniature Long-Life Bulb

If all that is required is a bulb to pass state inspection or sell a faulty old car fine second-hand automobile on Facebook Marketplace, a simple $5 set of traditional bulbs should suffice. Keep the cool LEDs to yourself.

These are the same bulbs mentioned in the post’s preamble as filling your author’s coffee can. They are straightforward, sold by Bosch, and fit the flat terminal style outlets found in our fictional F-150 pickup’s wiring loom.

Pros/Exactly what you need, simple


Bottom Line/A excellent and inexpensive, quick fix

3.      LED Bulbs for JDM ASTAR PX Chipset -Best

LED bulb for classic cars

The seller of these LED bulbs for classic cars claims they are waterproof and dustproof, which may seem unnecessary given that most taillights should be watertight and do their job of keeping out that type of debris.

But let’s be honest: if you’re replacing bulbs, your vehicle is probably getting old. Older cars may also have cracks or sealing issues with their light housings. One could also argue that these would be useful for off-road enthusiasts (*raises hand*) who routinely dunk their vehicles in the nearest river or dune with reckless abandon.

Advantages/Water and dust resistance

Cons/This is not an all-purpose LED design.

Overall, customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

4.      Red LED Brake Light Bulb Pinion – LED bulb for classic cars

LEDs’ rise (and subsequent cost reduction) has been a boon to all things automotive, especially in terms of styling options. Manufacturers can now create more exciting headlight designs that shine brightly and don’t look like simple fireflies in jam jars.

Out in the bush, it’s a similar story with these red LED bulbs. It used to be difficult to find red incandescents. They’re now everywhere, including these options. Pinion appears to be a famous brand of LED bulbs, and this variant has one of the highest Amazon ratings.

Advantages/Bright red light, 4.5-star rating

Cons/A little more expensive than comparable clears

Bottom Line/A convenient two-pack with excellent reviews.

5.      Non-Polarity Super Bright LUYED

These clear bulbs are suitable not only for tail- and brake lights but also for backup and turn signal duty. This is useful for cars with amber blinkers (I just made that up) in the rear, as nature and European/Japanese manufacturers intended.

Finding amber turn signals on a 2015 F-150 is like finding a non-sedentary adolescent: extremely rare. However, a previous-generation Ranger Sport Package used the box and taillights from its Mazda B-Series equivalent, making it one of the few times a Ford pickup had amber turn signals bookending a tailgate. Oh, and these bulbs are highly recommended.

Advantages/All-around LED design, suitable for a variety of duty applications

Cons/What was the name of that brand again?

Conclusion/Affordable LEDs

6.      Syneticusa Red LED Brake Lights

These bulbs are also of the strobe-when-activated variety, so make sure that type of illumination is acceptable to your local cops before installing them. The ad copy begins with troubleshooting tips, which either indicate a lack of confidence in the product or a wise attempt to avoid customer complaints from dorks who install the bulbs upside down.

Some customers report that these are only good for brakes and not turn signals, which would typically rule them out of consideration for our sample F-150. However, an equal number of people said they had no issues. An electrical add-on (as previously mentioned) may be helpful.

Advantages/Super bright has the USA in the name

Cons/Doesn’t appear to be manufactured in the United States

Conclusion: Eight fast strobes and a non-polarity design

7.      Additional LED Tail Lights

These bulbs, part of the brigade that emits white light from their LEDs rather than red, would be suitable for applications where the taillight lens is red rather than transparent. In terms of brightness, a 360-degree lighting design will most likely resemble a collapsed sun.

This is also one of the few sellers who mentions heat dissipation. While not as severe as incandescent bulbs, which can heat up to the point where a cigarette can be lit off their surface (ask me how I know), thermal management is usually an issue with any bulb.

Pros/Nearly 1700 customers gave it a 5-star rating.

Cons/Costlier than others on this list

Bottom line/You will most likely get what you pay for (as with most items)

8.      Yorkim LED Bright White Bulbs

These bulbs, like others here, cast a white light and are non-polarity in design, so they should be simple to plug into your beater. Keep in mind that some vehicles will require an electrical upgrade.

According to the seller, these bulbs are intended to be low-temperature and low-power consumption items. It claims to be more than 400% brighter than the original halogen bulb and has a life span of up to 50,000 hours (or one week in L.A. freeway traffic).

Pros/Cheap Dirt

Cons/Not being red

Bottom Line/However, red is available for an additional $1. (i.e., the same price as seats in a Demon)

7 Benefits of Using LED Lights on Old Cars

LED headlights continue to be popular. This new car lighting system has all of the advantages you could want in a car lighting system. It has far more benefits than all of its competitors. When compared to others, they are brighter, more transparent, and more cost-effective.

Increased Lifespan

A newly installed LED headlight will last for approximately 50,000 hours. Their Halogen and Xenon counterparts only last 500 and 2500 hours, respectively.

Energy Conservation

Do you enjoy conserving energy and using the least amount possible? Then these are the headlights for you. These headlights’ energy consumption is undeniable. They can only take a maximum of 7 watts and a minimum of 3 watts. Halogen headlights will require 55 watts, while Xenon will need 35 watts. As a result, they are thought to be very energy-efficient.

Lighting Effectiveness

LED lights have greater strength and efficiency. As a result, they can provide clearer light than other types of car lighting. The H4 180W LED light has a high luminosity and a color temperature of 6500K. They also have over 18000 lumens to have better night vision.

System of Cooling

LED headlights have an excellent internal cooling system that keeps them from overheating. As a result, they guarantee you a long service. Furthermore, they have a heat dissipation structure made of aluminum, resulting in an additional thermal control mechanism.

Simple to Set Up

You don’t have to drive into a garage and pay a mechanic to install these headlights. You can install LED headlights on your own if you follow a few simple instructions. This will save you both time and money.

System of Waterproofing

They are entirely waterproof. A drop of water cannot even enter the internal bulbs of LED headlights. They are outfitted with the most advanced waterproof technological materials. As a result, the metallic components are not at risk of rusting.

Available in a Variety of Colors

These bulbs are for you if you despise the monotony of one-color lighting. They come in a variety of colors from which to choose. You have many colors to choose from, including red, blue, orange, yellow, white, and amber white.