How to polish chrome and other metal parts of your car

How to polish chrome and other metal parts of your car

August 21, 2021 Off By Joe K

Chrome is one of the substance that is now readily used in metals by many people worldwide; it is a metal of choice during the assembling of the vehicle; because it is resistant to corrosion and gives off a nice and amazing shiny look. For a classic car, you need to polish chrome and any other metal surfaces.

However, as the years down the line, especially in rainy season water can lodge on the chrome predisposing it to oxidation, these gives these gives it a fuzzy and unpleasant look. If the chrome on your rims, trims, and bumpers have rusted it obviously need cleaning.

Polishing the chrome is the method of choice in conjunction with proper maintenance, as it is evident in a properly maintained item it can take decades for it rust. Repeated rusting may lead to permanent damage to the metals.

A well-polished chrome is eye-catching, and hence drivers could use a few tips on how to keep their chrome and other metals clean and polished. Mentioned below are some of the few tips to keep the metals shiny:

Clean the loose dirt and create a cleaning solution

Use a clean rag, to wipe off the loose dirt that has accumulated on the chrome’s surface. Afterward, fill a half bucket with warm water. The warm to hot water is usually efficient when it comes to cleaning while else protecting one from catching a cold in case it is during the winter season.

If the surface to clean is small, a bucket is not needed as you can easily apply water and soap directly to a sponge. Add soap to the bucket half-filled with water till it is full of bubbles, any soap can be used for cleaning provided it has no adverse effect to your skin. When in doubt, read the instruction labels that show which materials can be used or not.

Washing the chrome

This process is straightforward as the materials are readily available in your homes, such as soap and water. Thus one is recommended to get rid of the accumulated dust as soon as possible once you have noticed it. Cleaning of chrome can be quickly done using a nonabrasive cloth or a sponge.

Soak the sponge in the soapy water and rub the chrome surface in a smooth and circular motion while removing as much dirt as possible. Some parts of chrome like the car tires are hard to reach, and hence drivers have opted to use an old toothbrush to reach them.

Moreover, these being new approach many people have readily up taken up and has shown promising results. The soapy water is applied the toothbrush and afterwards used to rub in between the metal surfaces simultaneously to get rid of the dirt.

Take caution not to wipe the metals roughly with a worn-out toothbrush as it can be scratched off, resulting in bruises. Chrome is a soft metal that is prone to scratches, and hence proper handling has to be practiced. Once you are done, rinse the cleaning solution using a towel damped with hot water.

Remove any Rust Available

Chrome and other metals are prone to rust, and hence there is no need to panic if your car is experiencing this problem. Rust can be quickly removed using simple essential homemade equipment such as using a foil dumped in vinegar or water; scrub the corrosion using the foil until it disappear. A piece of steel wool can also be effective, although it is tedious and consumes a lot of time.

Dry the Chrome and other Metal Parts

After thoroughly cleaning the chrome and the other metals; drying these parts is vital as water can lodge in them, causing further damage. Using a soft and dry hand towel or cloth, dry in light and circular manner to prevent the formation of streaks.

Restore the Shininess of your Classic Car

After getting rid of the dirt and rust, your next motive is to restore the extraordinary look of the chrome. Fora metal to look as new as you bought, the use of aluminum foil will be a great deal for you. The foil is usually softer and thus is used in the polishing of metals.

Moreover, besides knowing these fancy tips on how to polish the metals in your car, it is also essential to identify the best products in the market today that can be used to polish chrome.  You require the proper types of equipment for productive work. These products include a metal polish, which is a must have when cleaning of the metals such as gold, silver and stainless steel.

Some of the metal polishes that are readily available include;

Turtle wax 52810 metal polisher Restorer

This is a three in one product used to restore all the metal surfaces of the car. Metal polish is a newly technologized product that produces a shiny look on aluminum, chrome, and other metals. The turtle wax company has designed these products for anyone seeking a high-quality reflection on the wheels and chrome.

Due to advancements in technology, turtle wax can now remove any contaminants and scratches, bringing out excellent results. Turtle wax is the product of choice for those on budget, used to clean and restore the look of the metal surface. This wax has been used to remove any scratches more professionally.

Besides being cheap and affordable, these products are packed with high-quality chemical content compared to other expensive brands. Turtle wax requires regular application after every car wash for better results. Apply the polish as soon as the metals dry.

Rapidly shake the polish before use to and afterwards sprinkle it in a clean towel or cloth. Rub it simultaneously to the surface of the wheels and exhaust pump especially.

Pros & Cons

  • Used for particularly all automotive metal parts
  • After cleaning, it restores the shininess of the metal
  • Protects the surface of chrome against rust
  • can also be used in the cleaning of the exhaust pipe
  • Waxy like thus quickly dries after application with no residue
  • Require routine checkups for maximum benefit
  • It consumes a lot of time
  • Chemical power is not harsh compared to other brands
  • Not practical to a poorly tarnished surface

3M Metal and chrome polish 39527

This metal polish is among the most popular products from 3M, which is recently the top brand in the market. The polish is designed for the removal of rust and any damage to soft metals.

The use of this product is purely recommended for wheels, bumpers, and trims. It works magic by renewing chrome’s shining and sparkling nature by removing rust, stains, and oxidations. This polish is easy to use for chrome, brass, and bronze, provided proper application is adhered to.

These are among the products that all drivers who like automobiles should have; the polish has also extended its use in showrooms and displays. Using these products to polish the chrome and other soft metals of your car increases the resale value of your car if you are seeking to resell it, as the restoration of a car’s beauty gives an eye-catching look to any buyer.

The application of the metal polish can be made by hand using a rag where you sparingly sprinkle the product over it and rub lightly to the soft metal surface; one can also use a polish brush that is well designed to make the work easier. The chemical make-up of 3M polish is powerful in that it removes rust and any corrosion by just one application.

Pros & Cons

  • Quickly cleans and polishes chrome.
  • After application, the polish brings out and sparkling and shiny look
  • Can restore the surface to look as good as new
  • Usually best in minimizing spotting and scratching of metals

  • Requires to reapply once a month for its maximum effect
  • If used in high concentration, it may cause a corrosive effect

Eagle one 1035605 Never –Dull Waddling polish

Although it is costlier than other products, the Eagle one products is more effective and versatile. The product works wonders in protecting and restoring the metal surfaces of your vehicles. This brand of Eagle one has been in the production industry for over seventy years, and this is among the best trusted and highly reviewed.

The cost of this product is worth it as the product is compelling; it works by cleaning and restoring the chrome shininess and protecting the soft metal surface from further damage. The excellent news about Eagle one product is that you can last for even a decade without using it again once you have used it.

The chemical nature of this product is awe-inspiring as it can invade through rust, tar, and grease. Experts recommend the Eagle polish because I can easily remove tar from chrome. The use of these great polish ranges from its application in heavy metals such as steel, aluminum, and chrome to soft metals like trims.

Pros & Cons

  • Well designed to maintain the appearance of the metals
  • A great deal for vehicles with stuck on the tar
  • Easy to apply as no tool is required
  • Secure for use in all types of automotive metals

  • Requires a lot of cash to buy
  • When used excessively, it may have some corrosive effects

Mother’s 05212 California Gold chrome polish

This is another very productive product in cleaning the metal surfaces of your car, although it is designed more specifically for chrome. With regular application, Mother California works best by cleaning, protecting, and restoring chrome parts.

Mother chrome polish is among the most used automotive polish worldwide, and it is has composed of various products to protect the metal surface.  The product comes in a twelve-ounce bottle, and thus you can use it plenty of times after purchasing once.

It is less dense compared to other products so that it does not leave behind any residue once applied. The best feature of mothers California is that besides protecting from rust and corrosion, it also plays a vital role in getting rid of fingerprints, thus giving out a great look.

Pros & Cons

  • Cleans the chrome surface deeply
  • Fights off any corrosion and fingerprints
  • Readily available in a paste form
  • Applied by use of a polishing tool or hand
  • Contains the most challenging chemical formula

    Autosol metal polisher

    This metal polisher is excellent, as its name suggests. However, if you are on a budget, this is the best deal for you as it is cheaply affordable, it comes in a small packet and hence becomes easier to move around with.

    Autosol brand has been awarded internationally for being the best brand in producing metal polish for over eighty years. This product is effective for its use because even with its minimal application, it can last for a long time as possible.

    This handy polish can be applied using a polishing tool or rag on any metal surface. After using an autosomal metal polisher, it leaves a waxy protective layer that remains there for some time. Unlike other polishes, the chemical components of autosol are very high in that it does not require regular users to get the maximum effect.

    Pros & Cons

    • It is readily used for all automotive metals.
    • Used in showrooms and displays, thereby showing its high uptake
    • Require minimal effort but yet produce maximum benefits

      Chrome offers a shiny look to the car wheels and trims., it is applied by manufacturers over metals to give them an appealing appearance. Therefore, when the metals of your car have rusted the applying light pressure on the surface being cleaned is recommended to prevent scrubbing it off or leaving behind any scratches

      Key take away

      Polishing the chrome and other metal parts of the car may not be as simple as it seems. Although by the use of the techniques described above makes it a smooth process. Nevertheless, drivers should also be well conversant with the best products available in our marketplace for polishing chrome.

      As it is unfortunate that they are many diverse products in our nearby shops pay proper attention when purchasing these products. Hand in hand with polishing of the metals the general cleanliness of the car is essential.