Must-Have Car Accessories if you are a Classic Car Owner

Must-Have Car Accessories if you are a Classic Car Owner

February 9, 2021 0 By Joe K

Here is a list of accessories that will help you keep your classic car looking and running its best and making your everyday easier.

Owning a classic car is one of the most rewarding experiences to most vintage enthusiasts. However, it might be an expensive affair when you do not have the right tools of work. This article compiles the most important tools to have as a vintage car owner. Luckily, the tools am about to talk about are evenly available these days. Thanks to the internet, you can find parts for all the most esoteric models. Now, more than ever, it is easy to find and order a mechanic or even fixing the car yourself. Still, classic cars have special needs that only applies to the ‘old models’. Since this website was inspired by my love for vintage cars, I have extensively researched on each product listed here.

The products am about to discuss will help you in different situations, at your worst moment and in your basic weekend car care. They are great products that ensure you hit the road with confidence. The basic car maintenance is cleaning both interior and exterior parts of the classic.

Best way to Keep Rubber Trim Soft

Cleaning the Rubber Trim of your Classic Car

The rubbers on the door and window edges are important in keeping sand, rain, moisture and frigid wind from entering into the cabin. If the rubber trim lining gets damaged or deteriorates, the atmosphere in the cabin will be the same as outside. Maintaining the rubber is therefore an important activity for classic cars.

Most of car owners often overlook the rubber trim when it comes to cleaning. The component can be just as dirty as other car exterior, but still important more than how it looks. Knowing how to clean and the tools can prevent the rubber trim damages. Additionally, cleaning the trim takes some time- probably the reason why it gets overlooked. I should mention that it is not if you use the right cleaning products. Keeping the rubber trim clean is the basic maintenance activity to carry out regularly.


NextZett Gummi Pflege

nextzett-gummi-pflege- car cleaning products for vintage

Havin mentioned the importance of maintaining your classic car rubber trim, NextZett Gummi Pflege will be an important accessory to possess. The NextZett Gummi Pflege helps your rubber trim and seal stay greased reducing cracking.  Despite the name Pflege being a silly thing to say out loud, it is a product that help rejuvenate old rubber and keep it looking radiant. It is an important accessory for keeping the rubber trim better for long.

Why Use NextZett Gummi Pflege in Rubber Trim Maintenance

  • Protects your trim from environmental conditions
  • Prevents future damage
  • Easy application

NextZett Cockpit Premium

nextzett-cockpit-premium cleaning classic cars

The NextZett Cockpit Premium is another classic accessory you should not lack. Interior of a classic car is a crucial part for enthusiast. If you own a classic car, you must have invested a substantial amount of money. You surely need to keep it in a pristine condition.  However, unlike regular cars, classic cars need to be washed using specialized materials. Using the wrong products or tools to clean a classic vehicle will result to develop body damages.

Classic car interor brings the vintage feel enthusiast look for when during the investment. NextZett Cockpit Premium has proven to be the best interior cleaning accessory. The cleaner was developed to specifically bring out the original feel and look of your classic car dashboard, vinyl seats, trim, navigation screens, door handles, cleat plastic and stereo heads.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are extremely useful if you own a classic car with a bench seat. Particularly if the upholstery is vintage. Even the less expensive horse blankets are fairly durable and fit most common bench seats. They’re also extremely classic and complement the appearance of most antique automobiles. If you own a modern car, you’re in luck because these bright and colorful features are also available for bucket seats and split benches.

Pedals for the Feet

It can function as a gas pedal. It can function as a high-beam switch. Another retro speed-shop prank that once ruled the knick knack aisle. Back in the muscle car era, every kid with a Duster or a rusted-out lead sled had a set, according to Junkyard Mob. The barefoot pedal was once available at every corner auto parts store. Although cheap reproductions are available in stores today, Mooneyes continues to manufacture its iconic barefoot gas pedal, and reproductions are available on Amazon. These items aren’t particularly useful, but they are visually appealing.

Leather Car Key Case

The vintage leather key holder isn’t exactly a car accessory. It’s a throwback to when dealership swag was made by Ohio manufacturers. These key holders consist of a leather flap with a brass button and a screw. They are, however, useful, particularly if you keep your keys in your jeans pocket. They were originally intended to keep keys from becoming entangled in your clothing or rattling around in the ignition. Leather key holders are now available to keep your keys from scratching your phone.